Simitecno after 40 years of activities in the marketing of equipment for Materials Science and Quality Control has the know how to offer to the Customers the best solution for No-Contact measurements systems, Non Destructive Testing, 3D Imaging and Reverse engineering of object with any dimension and form with a large range of Multiscale Scanner Systems: Ultrasonic devices, XRAY CT, Digital Microscope, 3D Optical Scanner and Laser Point systems for internal and external analysis of surface roughness, Profile, Shape, structural composition, etc..
  • 3D Digital
    Video Microscope

    Microscopia Digitale 3D
  • 3D Laser Probe
    Surface Texture Measuring

    3D Laser Probe
  • Surround
    3D Scanner

    Surround 3D Mutli-scanner
  • Scanner Laser 3D
    Automated Systems

    Microscopia Elettronica
  • X-Ray CT
    Industrial Tomography

    X-Ray CT - Tomografia industrial
  • Automatic Ultrasonic
    Non Desctructive Testing

    Automatic UT Non Desctructive Testing

Our equipment are used throughout the world by universities, research organizations, departments of Quality Control, Maintenance Centers and Services for Multinational Companies "market" leaders in the automotive, aerospace, steel, in the "power generation" and manufacturers of materials and several components, forensic institutes and legal Medicine, museums and restoration centers, etc. for the characterization of raw materials, research and development, acceptance of the semi-finished products, etc., metrology labs and testing departments, design and prototyping, production processes and "in situ" for failure analysis of several different components.

We work in a multidisciplinary scientific community with researchers Groups within Shared Laboratories, daily engaged in tests and experiments with samples of our customers, with the latest generation equipment produced by our represented brands and our international partners for the development and implementation of systems "Custom".